Avoid Love Traps

Avoid Love TrapsIn our life, blind spots always exist in our relationship. We should notice them from other people early. Maybe, when it comes to our own, we seem to need some help. We also coast along for a while, even for years. It is supposed that your relationship is going to be good; suddenly, your lover walks out on you or decides to say breakup. At that time, you will be shocked to the core and left wondering what you have done to improve your relationship better. Let’s see how these love traps are and how to avoid them.

Blind Spots In Your Relationship

For us, Astrology and enlightenment of our charts is the best tool to aid in finding and working on our blind spots. That is why you need to be aware of those aspects in which you were all too blissfully unaware. It also helps you reveal those blind spots in the relationship itself. Use the natal chart to get easy ways to find out how your shadow side is. Thanks to that, you can learn to read the entire upside down chart.

Terribly, people watch emotional movies and are attracted by unreal passions. Then, they forget their own feelings, thoughts, and beliefs projected on the surface of the time and space that create their circumstances, including their relationship. They cannot live with their reality when dipping into those unreal situations in the movies. The way you think your lover dictates is the way he/she behaves to you. It is actually more complicated than that. Your partner can be an actor in one of your story lines in which you play the part of victim of love, the eternal seducer, the destroyer of love, and many others.

How To Avoid Blind Spots In Relationship

There 3 main points you should pay special attention to overcoming love traps:

  • To display your blind spots, you need to dip yourself deep into and locate stories and archetypes that shape your love life. Pay attention to what archetypes you are acting in your relationship and observe moment by moment; especially, as things get difficulties, and find out what is going on with your love relationship. The clarity will provide understanding and guidance for healing.
  • You must be honest with yourself or ask someone who you can trust and let them tell you the truth about you. Astrology and the astrological chart may help you uncover the main story lines that you are likely to adopt into your intimate relationship; hence, an in-depth knowledge of the chart also yields lots of secrets and other moments.
  • Create new possible futures and potentials for you relationship and start living from that rather than from your old stories. You can detach from a victim state into creative state, and then you can decide how you want things to pan out. Through the concentration and ability to nurture your love relationship along the right lines, you will find the inner peace and happiness.

The Teenage Love

The Teenage LoveHow many of you would say you haven’t fallen for someone in your teenage? We all have that someone to whom we relate after listening to the term “teenage love”. We all have that untold story to say, story of our first love ๐Ÿ™‚

Every teenager dreams of their first love to be the last one. But does this always happen?

The first love or love at first sight is not necessarily the true or the ultimate love. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes that first love DOES work out. SOMETIMES IT DOESN’T. This may be because we are not mature, not mature enough to know about right and wrong, not mature enough to define what love is. Always remember, nothing goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.

When your first love doesn’t work, it’s because it is your first love and not your last.Regardless of how it ended, feeling one of the most incredible emotions in the world for the first time shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s okay to hold on to those memories. Just know that while memories stay the same, people change. Accepting that is the first step to letting go. Letting go is to grow, to create room for better things to come into your life. Your insecurities that were turned on after your first love slowly start to diminish, and you start to feel like yourself again.

There is a difference between whom you like and with whom you are compatible. If you are lucky enough,you find both the qualities in that same person. If not, choose the one with whom you are compatible because liking someone is a different thing, spending rest of life with a person is totally a different story.Its not about who came first,its about who will last till the end.That one person who is ready to be with you,accept you the way you are and will never let you go.

The human heart is a magnificent thing. One minute you can feel absolutely lost, breathless and like your heart is about to split in two over heartbreak. You don’t know how you’re going to move on, or even make it through the day. But somehow, someway, you make it through the day. Soon enough, a week has passed. Then the next minute, you don’t even know how you fit the other person in your heart.

We all would have come across this question-whom do you love more? Your mom or your dad? The universal expected answer for this question remains “I love both of them, equally”. Even you would have answered this question in similar way and the answer is accepted. Proof is all here. You don’t judge. You simply love both of them ๐Ÿ™‚

The well known dialogue by the king of Bollywood, Shahrukh khan from the cinema “kuch kuch hota hai” goes like-

“Hum ek baar jeete hain… ek baar marte hain… shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai, aur pyaar…ek hi baar hota hai!”(We live once, we die once, we get married once and love, love also only occurs once.). He himself falls in love with Anjali (Kajol), although she was not his first love.

Lastly,message for all of them for whom the first love became the last one-You all are lucky. Never lose your love. Never let it go.


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Are You Tired Of Waiting For Love

Are You Tired Of Waiting For LoveHave you ever been waiting for Love, waiting, waiting, and waiting? It seems that your desired partner has yet to appear, so you have to go on waiting for the haft part of your life. Perhaps, timing is very troublesome when it comes to meeting an individual you feel compatible with. Your birth chart may be perfectly aligned. If you both are not ready for love, it never unfolds.

Timing Is The Main Ingredient To Make Love

When we talk about timing, we know what we really mean. Timing is about life circumstances being in alignment in such a way that a perfect partner is in a place to commit to a relationship. We get ready to receive and give love to someone. The zodiac signs are aligned, and you and your mate get the green light for the understanding, romance, and possibility of love. When both of you don’t have the same mindset, your concentration is on everything, but in a personal relationship. At that sense, Timing is not right.

Timing is the most important ingredient to make a Love Relationship. Thus, Love cannot lack of it. For instance, when you focus on your job or bounce back from the heartbreak, the timing to meet someone new is not suitable. Your concentration is elsewhere, and so are your heart and mind.

Relationship timing is hard to understand. It is so tough to know how we really know when the timing to meet our partner is right or wrong. Everything relies on our thoughts and what we need to find out what we want from the potential one and the future relationship.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction means that we draw everything to us from our thoughts and what we focus on, and then concentrate on what we want and make it clear. Let your wishes show up, and no need to focus on them so much because timing is sometimes within your control. Don’t hope so much to get terrible disappointments. Just know and prepare for what you need to do. Those wishes and even love will come.

Instead of staying at home, you should go out with friends and enjoy everything around you like foods, drinks, and landscapes. It is difficult to find the compatible partner as sitting home alone. Be confident in who you are to gain happiness and joy in your life. That is an easy way to attract someone to your life. Now, you know the law of attraction, right? Take action now.

Find Out Your Next Relationship Win Or Lose

Find Out Your Next Relationship Win Or LoseCan you know how your next relationship is? Normally, people cannot see their future. Just special readers like astrologers would have the special ability to look around your life corner and know what is going on or coming up, especially when it comes to romance and love. Based on your own natal chart and your potential partner, you can get a wealth of information and unlock secrets in your life. Let’s find it out now!

Listen To The Inner Voice

Before getting to your chart stage, a big problem is your refusal to listen to the inner voice piping up as you have a main relationship mistake. Try to listen to it to avoid ending up in a love affair. That shows the necessity of trusting the inner guidance. With your natal chart, please access your capacity to enjoy and improve a great relationship. When difficult aspects appear, it means that you need to get ready for learning from partnerships you get involved in to avoid all hassles.

Your Personal Planets and Your Relationship

You not only listen to the inner voice, but also pay attention to major planets which can stir up all issues to stretch you and test your patience and awareness. That is why the personal planets and your relationship on the chart are equally important.

Once your Moons and your partner’s are in conflict, it is hard to stay at the same place together. What makes one comfortable could make the other uncomfortable? Let’s explore Mercury, Mercury square Mars, and Venus of you two to get answers. They can cause a drain in your relationship. At that time, think intently before getting involved.

When the Saturn of one chart is on the Descendant of the other’s, it makes a very hard relationship with a main learning curve. The best advice is to avoid sticking it out to make for the pretty miserable relationship experience. It is your fear and manipulation to cause the contraction and loss rather than expansion and joy. You may make a few dates, but don’t commit to anything. It is tough to get out if you make any commitment.

You should learn how to avoid falling into a sob and end up in a co-dependent relationship. Spend your time on listening to your real feelings and checking the chart out before moving. Do that to stop relearning the same relationship errors over and over again.